Exhaustive catalog

Roger Mühl (1929-2008) Descriptive catalogue of his work (in the course of preparation)

When an artist has produced such an important collection of paintings such as Roger Mühl, it is imperative to have a descriptive catalogue so to clearly define and have a trace of his work.
It also allows to know more about the artist’s life through all the different medias that have inspired him as well as to sum up the period and the sight where he created them. One then can also check and confirm the various periods in connexion with his favourite subjects.
Then his entire work relate an establish story among all his different trips and encounters so to replace them as well in a chronological context.

The working of a descriptive catalogue allows to reduce the forgers action who intend to capture the artist identity and notoriety. It also allows to itemize the artist’s work the most precisely as possible and to avoid  any appropriation of the artist identity. Finally this catalogue put the collectors mind at ease.

If ever you own one or more piece of art from Roger Mühl, we would be most happy to be able to list them up or confim you their inscriptions after verification in the descriptive catalogue in the course of its preparation. You just have fill up the formulae. (Click here).