Recherchons collectionneurs du peintre Roger Mühl (1929-2008)

Comments on the exhibited work by Patrice Mühl





Comments on the exhibited work

This work (1958/1960) is part of the prestigious collection of André Malraux museum in the town of Le Havre (Normandy). The paintings come from Hélène Senn-Foulds’s collection. Without knowing the work of Nicolas de Staël, Roger Mühl has followed parrallel paths. Nevertheless it is important to point out that far from the Staël working drawings, Roger Mühl shows a more dense paste with white touches which establish and builds the perspective and the ambiance of eastern towns such as Belfort and Montreux Castle, anchorage and partiallity cities of the artist in the 50s. So to confirm his technique of using white touches, a full feature will be dedicated among other themes in a near futur.


Roger Mühl, artist painter, passed away on april 4th 2008 (Mougins) at the age of 79. He leaves behind an important piece of work dispatched among various private collections all over the world. His son Patrice Mühl is his only rightful claimant, professional art expert has decided to offer to the different art collectors of his father’s work, his experience and knowledge on the subject. This website is also aimed at the construction and realisation of the descriptive catalogue of Roger Mühl’s work in order to publish a book where his major work will be shown, all certified and authentified by his son Patrice Mühl.

Authentification of Roger Mühl’s work and from other artists

If you own one or more pieces of work from Roger Mühl and that you wish to have the guarantee of its authentification, we are able to help you in this matter. Whatever are the reasons for an authentification, it is recommended that the work should be accompanied with its certificate so to give maximum guarantee.After evaluation we can also deliver with an authentic certificate signed by Patrick Mühl. This certificate ratifies its inscription in the work of art inventory.  This certificate should always be shown with the painting, but will never be considered as the matter of an independent negotiation for the work for which it has been establish. For each new transaction of the work, a new verification will have to take place.  How to proceed to this authentification of a work from Roger Mühl? One should fill in the form (click here).

Opening of a file for an expertise

As a XIX and XX century expert, we are able to give you instructions on various artists work that are submitted to us that is to say before showing us the work, check up the concerning documents before proceeding on to a traditional expertise. (click here)

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